Benefits of Fiber

Fiber-optics is the best technology in the world for delivering internet service to homes and businesses. Fiber Internet is 100x faster than anything else.

The simple answer is that rural communities will be economically crippled without broadband access.
Not having access to high speed internet means lack of opportunities from what is now defined as a normal communication channel, and to many, as important as their water and electricity.

For libraries, schools, health clinics, businesses and hospitals, broadband is a basic need. Broadband is vital to development in the most complete, long-term sense. Local businesses are unable to expand due to poor internet service, while new business cannot relocate to Lampasas due to the lack of bandwidth available.

There's little competition among service providers in rural communities like Lampasas, which results in higher internet costs. The goal to invest in additional broadband availability should increase competition among internet service providers and decrease cost to the end user.

The City and Lampasas Economic Development Corporation believe this technology should be treated as something no community can be without.

Entertainment - Fiber allows you to seamlessly experience web browsing, HD video streaming, and online gaming without worrying about your connection slowing down, even nights and weekends when everyone is online.

Work-from-Home- Work from home hassle-free. No longer waiting to upload or send large files. Video conferencing made easy. Ability to access and complete school work online or through the use of tech devices provided by the school district.