We're planning High Speed Broadband!

Most cities have what’s known as a redundant line, which serves as a backup in the event that the main line is damaged. Lampasas does not, which means each time a main line is cut, the entire city, and parts of the county are left without any modern communication. During the Summer of 2017 the City of Lampasas experienced four outages, due to construction cuts, totaling 45 hours without necessary public safety or business communications.

The outages created a public safety concern as our citizens were unable to reach emergency services, businesses could not operate, hospital records could not be accessed, and even the school districts were put at risk. After numerous discussions with a Tier 1 provider, they have agreed to invest in a diverse route that will provide redundancy to customers of that Tier 1 ISP in Lampasas.

City officials are pleased with the provider’s commitment to construct a backup line, but understand this will not solve everything. Residents and businesses have expressed frustration with the lack of responsiveness, business solutions, and customer service when higher bandwidths are requested.

With data provided by citizen survey responses, the LEDC and the City hope to improve customer service, provide additional options, and increase reliability with the introduction of new internet service providers and additional capacity. Attracting new service provider(s) to Lampasas will rely on the responses our community provides in this survey.

Step 1, Gather Interest: The intent of the survey is to provide data that will validate Lampasas’ ability to support additional internet service provider(s) within our community, in turn increasing capacity and improving service for residents and businesses. The more survey responses we receive, the greater the chance we will move forward with the project and advance to the next step. So don't forget to take our survey to show your interest and tell your neighbors to do the same.

Please Note: In Step 1 you are not signing up for any services or making any commitment. It is very important that we gather interest from as many residents and businesses to provide validation for next steps.

Step 2, Sign up: If we have moved to this stage that means we have received enough interest and are looking into where to start the build out. This means you’re getting closer to getting your better connection! Sign up to your new service and convince your neighbors into doing the same.

Step 3, Construction: Well done! You’ve passed the threshold and our feasibility assessment and the build-out in your area begins.

Step 4, Connected: Congratulations! You and your neighbors are now surfing in lightning speed!